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Little Friends The Woodland Christmas Ball Book

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 A Sunny Day - Clara Cow is lazing in the field with her sisters enjoying the sunshine and the quiet. But it seems she is going to have lots of visitors. Find out who they  are why and why they are  passing the field that day.

 The Football Match - The Farmer and his family have gone out for the day so the Little Friends decide to have some fun and have a football match. Hilary Horse and Betty Cow are to the team captains and Penny Pig, Rover Dog, the chickens and ducks as well as all the other Little Friends are going to join in the fun. Read the story to find out which team wins?

A Surprise at the Farm - The Farmer has built a new pen but the Little Friends don’t know who it is for. Penny Pig and Hilary Horse are trying to guess what the Farmer will bring home with  him to put in the new pen. Even Freddie Fly has a go and thinks it will be a new tractor. Everyone is guessing. When the Farmer returns home the Little Friends are surprised to see…   You need to read the story to find out. Do you think you know who it was?

 Too Much Noise - The ducks are having a race to see who can run the fastest. But they are also making a lot  of noise which is upsetting some of  the Little Friends. Every time they start running someone sends them away. Rover Dog soon comes up with a good solution and tells them where they can run around and make as much noise as they want. Can you guess where it will be? Read the story to find out.

Freddie Fly’s Day Out - Freddie Fly is fed up because his brothers won’t play  games  with him. He decides to go exploring and flies across the field to the next farm where he meets Clara Cow and her sisters. Clara tell Freddie why she and the others are special cows. Read the story and find out what is different about Clara and her sisters that makes them very special, especially for children!

The New Chickens - Daddy Cockerel has been  crowing loudly because the new baby chickens have hatched from their eggs. They are very cute but Mommy Hen doesn’t know what to call them so she asks the Little Friends to help her. Penny Pig, Hilary Horse and Rover Dog give the names they think along with names from the other Little Friends. See if you can guess what Mommy Hen called each chick.