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    You Will Need:


Ten pieces of felt in mixed colours

Wooden dowel or sturdy twig about 40 cm/16 inch long

PVA glue

50 centimetres of Bakers twine or string


Embroidery thread to hand sew & Sewing Needle

    How to Make:

1. Draw out simple sea creatures on paper to act as templates (these should be about                12 cm/ 4.5 inch tall). We chose a fish, turtle, seahorse, jellyfish and starfish.

2. Pin the templates to the felt and cut 20 shapes to create 10 sea creatures in different                 colours.

3. To make a jellyfish, cut strips of different colours of felt and glue them to the inside                of  the fabric. For the turtle, we cut a body shape from brown and a shell from green                felt.

4. Pin and sew each pair together – as it is felt you don’t need to sew around the fiddly                  edges, just the main bulk of the shape. This can be done by hand or if an adult is                helping with a sewing machine.

5. Glue a magnet to the top of each sea creature then add scraps of felt to the animals                create faces and fins.

6. To make the fishing rod:

     Tie the string around the edge of a magnet. You can add a little glue if you like to the                knot to hold it loosely in place.

     Cut two teardrop shapes out of felt, big enough to cover the magnet. Spread glue on                one piece and attach the string and magnet, then glue on the top piece.


     Take the dowelling and tie the string to the end. Add a blob of glue to make it secure                then cut off the loose ends.

     And that’s it - Now you can get fishing! And remember to take turns to see who can               hook the most little nippers in a minute.